Thursday, April 9, 2009

You like us, you really like us!

I'd just like to go on record as saying that Laura and I have never won anything in our entire life. Well, that's not entirely true, Laura was homecoming queen and I...well, maybe I should have said that I've never won anything in my entire life.

Anyways, in the past week we've received two awards for our blog! We're so honored and want to thank Elana and Sara for awarding the blog that is made of random. It means a lot to us both.
Well, probably more to me since I wasn't homecoming queen and all that, but I'm sure Laura is really grateful too. Do you know that she sometimes writes in her tiara? we get to award 8 of our favorite blogs. Good times!

1. Little Ms J (If you've noticed a big uptick in Cleveland hits it's probably because my entire family now follows your blog. My mom will totally make you home-made spaghetti if you ever come to Cleveland.)

2. Plot This (You never know what you might find over here. Some days it's extracting poop from animals, others it's meeting John Green and Judy Bloom.)

3. Market My Words (So much great information about how to market yourself in the publishing world.)

4. Becca Fitzpatrick (Becca's blog is pretty much writer-porn for us because she's about 10 steps ahead of us in the publication process and gets to do all sorts of glamorous things like meet her editor in NYC and discuss cover art for her book. If she wasn't so nice we'd totally hate her.)

5. The Road to Publication (More writer porn. Kimberly's book is coming out in March 2010 and her blog is hilarious. Plus she claims to have a 22-year-old daughter and looks about 25, so we're pretty much convinced she has some sort of deal with the devil and we want in.)

6. Pop Culture Junkie (I'm sure Alea has a ton of these awards, but her blog is just too fantastic not to recognize. So many book reviews. She's single-handedly doubled my monthly Amazon bill.)

7. Purple Clover (She's hilarious, an aspiring writer and a mom. Oh and she's Little Ms J's sister. Sometimes they fight in the comments section just like Laura and me. It's fantastic. Seriously.)

8. Tara Maya's Tales (Tons of info and writerly discussion on Tara's blog. Definitely a good one to follow if you're trying to crank out a book.)

Ok, so technically we're giving you guys two awards and you're supposed to pass them along to 8 other bloggers. I'm sure it's against the rules to do two at once, but we're rebels like that.

Happy blogging everyone!


PurpleClover said...

I am honored! This is my 3rd this week and if I don't post soon I'm going to feel like a jerk!

I'll try to do it today!

Katie said...

Oh man! I was just coming back by to say that I loved reading your procrastination post and I was gonna talk about writing with my adopted sister SF! But now I get an AWARD?! I LOVE an award!!!

Thank you Dears! I am honored :-)

sraasch said...

I was the Mistress of Ceremonies at my homecoming. But these blog awards are so much more fun than that (even if we don't get tiaras...)

Sara Tribble said...

lol--of course we like you two! Your blog always makes me smile!

Believe it or not I was chosen again for my senior year for court and I declined it letting my best friend in turn get on (she was next in votes). Everyone could not believe I did that but I had it freshman year and decided other people had to shine! Everyone says I would have got queen but now no one will ever know :)

Lisa and Laura said...

Good god, who knew our readers were all so popular? Do you guys write in your tiaras too?

Also, I have no idea how the rules for these little blog awards work, but I tried to pick blogs that hadn't already received that particular award before. If I was wrong...well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Have I mentioned how much we adore all of you? Seriously. Thank you!

bec-fitzpatrick said...

You guys rock! I feel so special now! Thank you! And I'm about to email you . . .

Kimberly Derting said...

*waves hand in front of eyes* I promised myself I wouldn't cry! Now, where did I put that acceptance speech...?

Darn, I'll have to read it off later. (Trust me, it's worth the wait)

Thanks guys!!! :)

Little Ms J said...

I need a tiara. Immediately. I'm asking my husband for one when he gets home. It is my birthday next week and no one and I mean NO ONE will be surprised if I show up with is atop my fresh birthday highlights from a certain Brazilian named Fausto.

Seriously, thanks ladies! Such a compliment! I absolutely love your blog and I am pleased as punch to have found you (picture me running across a field in slow motion with the tiara). I am slurping up every second of your journey and can't wait until you're published and you can shout me out on Oprah.

I L-O-V-E spaghetti. Your mom rocks.

Lisa and Laura said...

LMJ - if they had a blog award for best comment, you'd have it in the bag. well played.

and if you're wearing a tiara on your b-day, we want pictures.

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