Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God, I love our readers...

All 22 of you.

I give you this anonymous comment on our post about the much anticipated NYC Prep:

The bios of the cast online is to die for( for your convenience...absolutely amazing

i can already guess who I'm going to like the most...
little overview:
taylor-public school dancer
sebastian-french cutie
pc-popular wealthy i-do-what-i-want
kelli-independent singer
jessica-type a 'bitch'
camille-very studious but a trouble-maker (seems like most situations will revolve around her)- like the new LC?


Anonymous commenter, I don't know who you are, but I sincerely hope that we are friends both on the blogosphere and in real life. I'm thinking that we need to have some sort of virtual chat for the premier of this trainwreck. Who's in?


PurpleClover said...

OMG, hold the phone. I just found out the place we are moving is CABLE. ACK! I have DirecTV. So now unless I buy another DVR I'm totally screwed!

I think I'm going to like the Type A bitch. :) Cause that is probably me.

See I blog so I will actually have friends. I can pretend to be sweet, nice, and innocent here. hehe.

and I can giggle with a "hehe" and you actually think i'm the type of person that giggles. lol.

Weronika said...


Lisa and Laura said...

Weronika, if that smile means that you left the comment, I love you. Seriously. Welcome! Clearly, you are among friends.

P-Clo - Ok, here's the good news, most cable companies now offer a DVR that's built into your standard cable box, so you should be good to go. And if that fails, I have a dusty old TiVo in my basement that I will send to you. I have no idea if it still works, but it's all yours. No one should have to live without a DVR. No one.

PurpleClover said...

LOL...I'll keep that in mind. It is a condo that the home owners actually pays for the cable so everyone gets it (totally cool idea if you ask me)...but we may still bring in Directv. I let the hubby make those decisions...but I agree NO ONE should live without DVR. Seriously. That's sadistic. That's like cannibalism or something.


slhastings said...

You guys HAVE to read this article. (about seven pages)

It's Gossip Girl come to life. There's even a Poppy.


Lisa and Laura said...

Sam, that article is AWESOME. There's a story in there somewhere...

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