Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Night Randomness

Not much going on over here. Still slogging through edits. But as always, there's plenty of randomness.

  • I officially have a curfew. Yes, you read that right. Ken has instituted a new rule that if I'm not in bed by midnight every night of the week I lose sleep-in privileges on the weekend. You see, my dear husband wakes up with the kids every single Saturday and Sunday, and for that, I love him. But it drives him insane that I'm up until 1 or 2 AM most nights, apparently he's of the opinion that people actually need to sleep. Shocker, right? Anyways, he's decided to start playing hard ball. Ouch.

  • The Apocalypse is nigh. Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are starring in a movie together called My Fake Fiance. Yes, seriously. In the words of Joey himself: whoa.

  • Drew Barrymore should consider hiring a new hair stylist who isn't secretly trying to sabotage her every appearance on the red carpet, and then she should eat a cheeseburger or three. I know she's not that thin compared to some other Hollywood starlets, but I've always liked that Drew had a relatively normal bod.

  • Emile Hirsch is my new boyfriend. I inadvertently watched two different movies with him as the lead this weekend. 21 and Across the Universe. 21 was OK. Entertaining, but the book that the movie was based on (Bringing Down the House) was far better. If you haven't read it, check it out. Card counting MIT students are made of awesome. Across the Universe is pretty much a 90 minute music video, which if you love the Beatles (and I do) then it's pretty good stuff. If not, you might find yourself wishing you were on acid. My favorite part of the movie was when a gospel choir sings Let it Be. Clearly this song was written to be performed by a gospel choir. Check it out below.


Little Ms J said...

I would like to personally thank you for using both "slogging" and "nigh" in the same blog post. Both are words that should be used more often. I like to tell my husband that the end is nigh at least twice a week after watching the news.

Glad to hear about the curfew. You probably need it more than you can imagine! Good husband.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Books are ALWAYS better than the movies :^) I liked 21, but there was a really good documentary that my husband found on them that I liked even better. Any way you slice it, they were a fascinating group of people!

And here I am at 12:30 responding to your post. At least my husband is on his computer, too, proofing my website for me :^)

Alea said...

Hehe, I know who you are talking about in 21 and Across the Universe but I think his name is Jim Sturgess. He's a cutie!

Tara said...

Of course Ken set a curfew for you! Cracks me up.

Maybe I'll institute the same for Dave:) Although he could say he was in bed everynight at Midnight b/c I'm so sound asleep (thanks to earplugs) that I would have no idea when he actually comes to bed. So romantic!

bec-fitzpatrick said...

Bringing Down the House was such an awesome book! You are absolutely right - so much better than the movie. (But the movie was fine.)

Jen said...

Yeah, that hairstyle is totally awful on Drew. Or anyone for that matter. I hope she doesn't go scary skinny on us.

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