Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't know just what to do with myself...

OK, I'm going CRAZY over here. Our revisions are done and we're just...waiting.

I forgot how much waiting sucks.

I tried to distract myself by creating a fancy new website to promote our work, but I'm WAITING for the freaking customer support people to call me back.

Not cool.

And sure we have other stuff we could be doing. Like refining our synopsis for Book 2, but we'd like to know what Major Agent thinks of our revised version first. No sense wasting our time if she hates our new version, right? Right.

Plus, I'd rather be refreshing our e-mail. You know, just in case we hear something...

I've also spent an inordinate amount of time analyzing e-mails from Major Agent to try to get some sort of psychic feeling about whether or not she's going to like the revised version. I mean, who knows what she meant when she said she said she can't wait to read it. What? You think she just meant that she's looking forward to reading it? No way. It's bigger than that and as soon as I decipher the many layers of meaning in that sentence, I'll totally enlighten you guys.

Anyways, this song expresses my feeling perfectly. Initially I had set it up to play the video via YouTube, but it features Kate Moss doing a strip tease and my Grandma reads this blog daily (Hi Gram!), so that seemed a little inappropriate. Although, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be that scandalized considering some of the dirty jokes she used to send me via e-mail. By all accounts she's pretty much the coolest, hippest Grandma out there, but I figured it's probably best not to push my luck with Kate Moss on a stripper pole.

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Whew, glad I got that off my chest. If you have any suggestions about how we should be passing the time, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I'm game as long as it doesn't involve scrapbooking or doing actual work for my actual job.


Windsong said...

*sympathy cookies*

No wonder writers tend to be neurotic--it's all in the business. Good luck with your revisions!

*fingers crossed for you*

Little Ms J said...

Do you think it is because we're female that we need to find the hidden meaning in communication? We get so much practice as teenagers and dating in our early twenties, "What did he mean?" I ususally told myself that every utterance was a thinly veiled pronouncement of love. Humph. I've stared at my computer screen many a night trying to understand the exact thought process behind one sentence that was part of a critique. Do you think male writers are as neurotic? I wonder if they squee, refresh their emails and re-read the same sentence fifteen times, "But, what did she meeeean?"

Tara said...

Congrats on the revisions being done!

Suggestion for passing the time: Come over, we'll lock the kids in the basement, pour ourselves a few glasses of vino and talk about how fabulous your book is!

sraasch said...

She will LOVE it! Deep breath, now. In and out. There ya go.

Unfortunately, waiting comes with the territory.

PurpleClover said...

I agree with the big sis. I'm neurotic when I read every little sentence like it's dripping with hidden meaning and thoughts. I'm looking for something they might have been saying subconsciously without realizing it. We're weirdos.

Anyhow, how about picking out the perfect outfit for your back cover photo shoot? Make sure you have the perfect shoes! OOOorrrrrr pick out the perfect blurb. Oooooorrrrr you could try starting your own book trailer. Orrrrrr write out a scripted Vlog to introduce your book to your readers!

Lisa and Laura said...

Windsong - Thanks for the virtual cookies! Something tells me all this waiting is going to lead to me putting on some serious lbs.

J-Clo - I think you guys are dead on about your gender observations around the need for extensive analysis of all forms of communication. I find myself doing this with EVERYTHING. It's totally crazy and a waste of time and I know that in my head, yet I will never ever stop. OOh, and P-Clo I love the vlog idea! It would be so fun to script out a little intro of the book for readers. This has trainwreck written all over it, but we'll aim to make it an entertaining trainwreck!

Tara - I'm SO taking you up on the wine! Let's figure out a day next week.

Sara - You always seem so calm! I don't know how you do it. I hope your zen attitude rubs off on us.

bec-fitzpatrick said...

Omigosh I psychoanalyze her emails too!!!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, the waiting... I am going totally insane. I'm with you -It's too soon to write something new - I can't focus yet. So to kill time, I have gotten solar nails, watched movies, emailed, called old friends, taken up cardio tennis... And almost broke a new nail. LOL

Lawsy, I wish y'all lived within 4 hours and I'd just cruise over and hang out.

Lisa and Laura said...

Becca - I almost snarfed my diet coke when I read your comment. So glad we're not the only ones.

Katie - You have no idea how much we wish you could drive on over here and take us out to get solar nails! Actually, now that I'm thinking abot it a drive to Mississippi really would kill some time...

KLo said...

"Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile." : ) : ) : )

Hope things look up soon!!!!!!!!