Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh the places you'll go...

How many questions can one picture inspire?

Why is Audrina so skinny?
Why is Audrina wearing such a big backpack?
Where are they going?
Why is Justin-Bobby wearing overalls?
Why is Justin-Bobby wearing overalls without a shirt underneath?
Where does one even buy overalls?
What does Justin-Bobby’s ID bracelet say?
Justin or Bobby or both?
Why is the motorcycle so big?
What does the whole thing look like?
Why are they riding so low?
Why? Why? Why?

Feel free to add any pressing questions that may arise after viewing.


PurpleClover said...

seriously...we all think alike. check out my contest I JUST posted...


Lisa and Laura said...

HA! I actually read your post before I saw this one, but Laura posted this, not me.

I love the contest idea, unfortunately I suck at thinking of captions. I'll have to see if anything good comes to me...

And my biggest regret is that I wasn't watching the Hills when this scene transpired. I went through a phase last year when I thought I was too good for the Hills, that I was too mature for Justin Bobby. What a mistake. This picture is my cross to bear.

Rebecca said...

I can't help but wonder how bad his darn arms must hurt after holding onto those enormous handlebars?

And what part of overalls without a shirt is supposed to be sexy? Ok, what part about overalls is sexy? On a man? On a man who knows he's on TV?

At least I caught this episode so I know he took her to an amazing place in spite of the overalls...

slhastings said...

Why couldn't they find more fashionable helmets?

What's on that dude's arm? Dirt? Or a tattoo?

Why is his name Justin-Bobby? Couldn't his parents make up their mind?

And, most importantly, who are these people?

Litgirl01 said...

Why does she continue to date that jerk? UGH!

Katie said...

I am so lost on this one and therefore MUST tune into your trashy faves. So the Hills is a must see, huh? I wonder if I can get old episodes from Netflix..

I doubt it. - but REMIND me when the new Bravo one starts so I can get in on the action!

Lisa and Laura said...

Rebecca - I think the real question is what part of overalls with no shirt is NOT sexy? Am I right?

Sam - It's Justin Bobby and Audrina of The Hills fame, so basically they're famous for...nothing.

LitGirl - It's actually comical, right? How many times can you profess your love to the same person, have that person humiliate you on national television and still come back for more? Guess that's just another question.

Katie - please don't drag yourself down with us. We'll definitely force you to watch the NYC Prep show on Bravo, because at least Bravo is quasi-respectable. The Hills is really the lowest common denominator, albeit in a very fabulous, I wear overalls with no shirt underneath kind of way, but still...

We don't want to corrupt you any further than we already have.

slhastings said...

Thanks. : ) Gossip Girl, I watch. The Hills. Not so much.

Shelli said...

what's he holding in his hand? and what does his tatoo say. oh yeah - do his armpits smell funky? (sorry I had to add that)

james oh said...

Please to let you know that my answer is no other than your question. Ha!!!

God bless,

Solvang Sherrie said...

Why are they racing the train?
Why are the handlebars so high?
Is he really attractive when he's wearing a shirt and not the helmet?
And Shelli, I was wondering about the pits, too. He really should have a shirt on. Can you imagine the road rash if they crashed?

Little Ms J said...

How is he able to steer, swallow and breathe at the same time?

Do the overalls give him camel balls?

Do they have gnats in their teeth?

What is Audrina thinking as the wind whips straight through her braid?

Is she capable of thinking or is it just a low buzzing noise between her ears?

Why do we allow these people to make enough money to buy motorcycles?

Lisa and Laura said...

EEw about the armpit funk. Something tells me that cleanliness doesn't rank high on Justin-Bobby's list of priorities.

I think the two funniest are the road rash and the camel toe...fantastic.

This has been a highly entertaining exercise. I definitely think we need to do this again sometime.

Thanks for all your comments guys!

Katie said...

I am still laughing over this. Is Justin Bobby's helmet all glittered out? Did they reverse helmets? Is that what lovers do? And I am cracking up at Sherrie's wondering why they're racing a train?

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