Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm an idiot, but my friends ROCK

Ok, so it turns out that Emile Hirsch and Jim Sturgess are two different people, and it was, *ahem* Jim who was in both 21 and Across the Universe. Who knew?

I give you Emile...

And Jim...

I'm an idiot.

Anyways, the good news is that I've managed to surround myself with really kickass, talented people, who are decidedly not idiots such as...

  • The fabulously talented Katie (of SkatieFrancis fame) just won the one sentence pitch contest over at Query Tracker. Her fabulosity has landed her a full manuscript request from uber agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe. Laura and I have a girl crush on Joanna, so this is all very exciting. And big shout out to ElanaJ for compiling over 500 pitches and also to Joanna for reading every. single. one.

  • Next up we've got the kickass Sara and Katie (man, this girl is having an amazing Monday!) who just got honorable mentions in Miss Snark's First Victim's Secret Agent Contest! The agent was Kate Schafer Testerman this time around and she was TOUGH. And beta reader extraordinaire ElanaJ...drumroll runner up, see all that work she does on the Query Tracker blog is good karma. Congratulations guys!

  • I'll keep this one anonymous but we have a certain writer friend who just got a full request from a certain agent and we're certainly very, very excited for her. Our fingers are crossed! Although, I'm still sort of pissed that she gets to watch Gossip Girl a full day before I do. Damn Canadians.

  • And finally, thank you Alea, queen of things all pop culture, for knowing that Jim and Emile are two distinct human beings. I'd like to blame that whole snafu on sleep deprivation, but I would be lying. I really thought they were the same person and for that I am ashamed.

Ok, I'm off to go renew my subscription to US Weekly in an effort to avoid any further egregious celebrity errors.


sraasch said...

Hollywood is weird. I swear at one point in time the Olsen Twins were the same age as me. I think Hollywood just likes to confuse us, making people look like other people and age weird...

Katie said...

I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously wigging out over here! What a morning!

And let me give thanks where thanks is due! Because had you girls not convinced me to enter both contests, I would not have done so well at all!

I can't even type. Even my fingers are shaky


Alea said...

LOL! They are both sort of on their way to being well known but not like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt well known, so they are definitely easy to mix up. And I will admit, I had to look up Jim's name cause I totally couldn't even remember it! :P

PurpleClover said...

Wow you guys rock! I totally flub all the time. So don't even worry about it!

I don't know either one of those fella's so WHO really needs to renew her subscription to US Weekly? MOI!

Anyhoo, rock on sista's!


Christine said...

I'm sooooo sorry about GG! If there was anything I could do, you know I would. :)

bec-fitzpatrick said...

Woah. Jim looks hot. I must have somehow overlooked his hotness in 21.

Solvang Sherrie said...

How funny! Actually, I can see how you could mix them up. They have a similar look.

I'm glad we've become friends, because with all the good luck swirling around you people, maybe some will head my way :^)

ElanaJ said...

I still don't know who either one of them are, so no worries. Thanks for the congrats! I seriously need some good karma. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh how funny! I had no idea they were different people...that's killing me. I swear it was the other dude in 21! Proove it. Just kidding. I'll take your word for it this time...haha!

Love the post on the good stuff happening for your friends. I love positive news!

Joanna said...

Loved Across the Universe.
Loved The Girl Next Door.
Loved Katie's pitch.

Hardygirl said...

Yay "Katie Day"!!!


Lisa and Laura said...

Sara - The Olsen Twins are fascinating creatures and I'm sure they are constantly changing their ages based on some bizarre calculation involving the lunar cycle and fashion week.

Katie - You rock. Seriously. Have you ever had a better Monday than this?

Alea - I honestly don't think I'd ever have realized the mistake unless you pointed it out. I mean what if I'd met Jim in real life and called him Emile? Talk about awkward...

P-Clo - When's it going to be your turn to enter some contests? We like having friends to cheer for!

Christine - I'm still bitter, but I guess I'll have to forgive you since you give me an early review on the episode. It pays to have Canadian friends!

Becca - I can't decide if Jim is hot or not. I keep going back and forth...there's definitely something about him, but he also looks a little dirty for my tastes. I'm more of a Tim Riggins girl myself.

Sherrie - Oh yeah! Become friends with us and all sorts of magical things will happen. You'll spend hours looking at pictures of random celebrities and discussing whether or not tights are an acceptable fashion accessory. Ha. But seriously, always let us know if you enter anything because we'd love to cheer you on! It's fun when people we know actually win stuff.

Jo - I can't believe you're a fan of the Girl Next Door. As far as Risky Business rip offs go, that has to be the best one, or maybe the only one?

I actually sort of forgot that Emile Hirsch was even in it, which really isn't all that surprising considering that I thought he and Jim Sturgess were the same person a mere 24 hours ago.

And Katie's pitch rocked. It stood out even from your top picks.

AND Across the Universe was very, very cool. I can't wait for my dad to watch it. He's the one who turned me onto the Beatles in the first place and I know he'll love it.

Little Ms J said...

Yay and big congrats to Katie, Sara and Elana!

LiLa - I just found out today that Kate Hudson is only 30. Now you're showing me boys who are 21? Did I tell you I grew a crow's foot out of my right eye last week?

Lisa and Laura said...

Boo! I saw that thing about Kate Hudson's b-day too. How is it possible that she's younger than me? She just seems older somehow? Not wiser, but older, right?

And these boys are being shown as a direct result of my celeb-ineptitude (see, I can make up words too!), not my lust.

Like I said earlier, I'm more of a Tim Riggins girl. Giddy. Up.

Oh god, that was so gross. Sorry.

Lisa and Laura said...

And just to prove to everyone how much I love to sleep in on the weekends, I'm off to bed. It's 11:44 PM. Aren't you proud?

Good night!

Sarah said...

Emile Hirsch starred in one of my favorite movies of all time. Oscar nominated movies, such as Milk and Into the Wild? No. Or incredibly fluffy, borderline soft-core porno, “The Girl Next Door?” Yep, that would be the one!

Lisa and Laura said...

And that, Sarah, is the reason we love you so much.

Well, that and the fact that you're up for any kind of B&E at a moments notice.